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Here is pictures of an early American Eagle commercial. This luger is to late to be a test luger but without a doubt an early one.

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Hi James,

What a nice M1900 AE...

Does your magazine have the flamming bomb proof on the bottom of the wood ?

Is there a flamming bomb proof along the inside surface of your trigger side plate ? And in the frame's front well ?

Are the inside of your grips stamped with an " * " mark ?

My M1900 AE is serial # 8598...just wondering if ours are similarly stamped as they are close in the serial sequence.

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Dwight, your questions answered

For my survey I have a couple of questions--the grip safety, wide or narrow? Proof marks? a Swiss cross on the barrel or no?

The barrel exhibits no proofs of any kind outside of the serial number. Is it your findings on your AE survey that some 1900 AE commercial lugers were fitted with model 1900 swiss barrels with the cross + mark or is this a proof that I am unaware of on some model 1900 AE lugers.

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Pete Ebink

Your answers, the flaming bomb is not on the inside of the trigger plate, however it is in two places, on the frame in well and on receiver forward of lug, also the magazine has no flaming bomb either that I can detect.

The grips have the asteric on each grip close to the serial numbers last two digits 44

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HI James,

Thanks for the additional photo/posting...thought I would share photos of my M1900 AE serial # 8598...lots of things in common...

I have read in a couple of places that left-over barrels proofed for the Swiss M1900 production run were left over and found their way onto M1900 AE's...Dwight is amassing survey info. on this item and others...

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For sure these two birds came off the same line, re the swiss barrels, this is what I felt Dwight was getting at as the swiss was the first to accept the model 1900 into their military.

Your pictures are very nice, is your holster an original from the US test luger.

The magazine inserted into the luger is that an early swiss military.

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My holster shown is a commercial holster made by the HH Heiser Co. of Denver, CO in the 1920's and maybe 1930's. Found it in a gun shop south of Denver, CO last year...think I paid $ 85 or so...

The US Test holster is a different beast altogether. Big bucks for real specimens.

The "spare" magazine in my photo was the original flamming bomb magazine that has been with the gun for some time. It is/was cracked and the magazine spring is broken. The Swiss magazine in the Luger is a Swiss insert magazine proper for the M1900 and the M1906 Swiss-DWM lugers.

Here is a close-up photo of some typicaly Swiss insert magazine that I have. These are the modified magazine design with the revised follower button (i.e. thicker). The original M1900 Swiss insert magazines had a thin follower button that ran through the un-relieved feedway in the grip frame. Swiss decided the thin type was too difficult to use.

Download Attachment: swissinsertmags2_large.jpeg
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I was able to find a very nice flamming bomb magazine in the last week or so...I had to pay $ 300 for it...but it is near mint save some freckling spots along the tube. My M1900 AE looks much nicer with a new but "proper" flamming bomb magazine that works...

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Hi James,

Is your M1906 the cross/shield type ? If yes, this chamber marking came out in 1909 to distiguish military/police lugers (with the cross/shield marking) from commercial lugers (with the cross/sunburst marking). Prior to 1909, the cross/sunburst was used for both commercial and Ordnance lugers. In 1909, the Swiss wanted to use the new chamber marking of cross/shield for only Ordnance lugers.

The insert magazines are proper for Swiss Ordnance lugers. Plain wood is correct for commercial Swiss lugers.

Some of the very early M1900 Swiss Ordnance lugers may have had wooden magazines until the insert design was developed.

I have been seeing the Swiss insert magazine sell at gun shows in the $ 75-125 price range. Minty ones around $ 200.

p.s. I always love looking at Swiss lugers...is there a chance you could post some photos in the Swiss luger section of your M1906 cross/shield luger...? I will get some photos posted, there, of my recently acquired M1900 Swiss luger, serial # 555...yes # 555...

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Away again so Saturday I will do that, comes with holster,cleaning kit, original manual.

Saw your post on the other luger forum and know you purchased 555, the earliest of the early.

The swiss is cross in shield and serial 10706 I believe,anyway the AE and the swiss came from a long time collector here in Canada many moons ago and he has since passed away to luger heaven.

The Swiss is still in lockup as I do not keep the good ones at home and will retrieve them this weekend.

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Production of the 1900 American Eagle Luger started around serial number 2002. A significant number of these very early Eagles had a barrel with the Swiss Federal Cross proof. The lowest serial number American Eagle I have found with a Swiss proofed barrel is 2021, and the highest is 2199. Oddly enough, some later 1900 American Eagles in the 8900 range show up with the Swiss proofed barrels. I have recorded 4 such examples.
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