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Model 83 Reichs Revolver

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I thought that some of you might find my research on this old gun of interest.

The gun is proof marked AR for Albert Rex the King of Saxony at that time. The revolver was ordered on the 6th of May 1891 within a lot of 4,000 pieces. At the end of October 1891 the gun was inspected and went into service in 1892 designated by the 92 on the frame. The gun was assembled from parts provided by the many factories in Suhl and has civilian acceptance stamps on these parts.

The S under the serial number is for Saxony and the holster was also made in Saxony (Leipzig)

The holster is unit marked 78.A and indicates Feldartillrie Regiment Nr. 78. This unit was founded in 1901 and was stationed in Wurzen (10 miles west of Leipzig) The gun is unit marked on the backstrap and the marking is from Feldartillerie Regiment Nr. 48,3 Batterie, Waffe 55. This regiment was stationed in Dresden and founded in 1899. During WWI the 48 Field Artillery Regiment was part of the 23 and 241 Infanterie Divisions on the Western and Eastern Fronts.

Reichrevolvers were not issued during WWII as often mentioned, after all they used an obsolete black powder cartridge! There is rumor of an American order in 44/45 for civilians to deliver all of their guns to a central collection area.

This revolver came from the son of a vet who passed away. I have capture papers from the P38 he brought back and a history of his unit which battled into Germany at the end of the war.

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