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Nobody try -25° in a freezer ?
From a conservation point of view, I am skeptical about putting (old) leather in an oven at such temperatures. Freezing seems a more logical approach as it does not strip the humidity that is in the leather. I anticipate that overheating this will dry out the leather over time. It may not be evident at first.

Anything old should remain in the temperatures range that it has (possibly) been exposed to throughout its life. That even applies to antiques, I know of a so-called conservation expert employed at a national museum who overheats metal parts in order to coat them with wax so that the wax covers the metal's pores when it cools. Theoretically that works, but he has deformed so many of the handmade parts that things no longer work when he reassembles them. This man has damaged thousands if not millions of dollars worth of collections but nobody addresses it with him as he is a Phd and very good at PR and selling himself...

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