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A friend of mine has a P-08 from WWI that he wants to sell. It is a Erfurt 1920 over 1918 rework of some sort. This pistol apparently went through a home fire some time ago so it has been reblued. The markings on the pistol are harder to make out because of this. All the numbers seem to match except for the extractor. The serial number for this 4" Erfurt is 9574. I really don't have the equipment to provide photos. I doubt that the quality of markings left on the pistol would show up in photos anyway. I have a number of questions about this gun that perhaps you can help me with. My Luger reference books consist of 25 year old copys of Datig's book and a similar vintage copy of Lugers at Random. Neither of these references seem to provide enough detail.
1. This Luger has the S in a 3/4 circle on the side of the receiver above the side plate. I have read discussions about the meaning or lack of meanings for S on this forum.
2. The number 1231 is stamped about 1/4" above the stock lug. I understand that this might be a unit property mark?
3. On the back strap there are these markings--1 15. Is this a unit designation of some sort? No markings on the front of the grip like some other guns seem to have.
4. The right side of the barrel has 2 strange looking hard to make out symbols and then the letter NP. Page 39 of Kenyon's book (Note 24) says NP with 2 other symbols are British proofs found on Vickers manufactured Lugers. I see no other reference to NP in Kenyon's book. What is with this NP business? Nothing else on the pistol seems to be remotely associated with the British.
5. The nicest part of the pistol is that it has an aluminum Haenel Schmeisser matching magazine. Stamped above the serial number on the bottom of the mag is a single number 1. Also stamped on the aluminum bottom is what appears to be an eagle holding something. Can't make out a swastika, N or whatever else the bird is holding.
6. For some reason this pistol has a verticle slot machined on the flat metal starting above the top of the wooden grip on the magazine release side of the pistol. It is about 3/10s of an inch to the rear of the side plate and is slightly less that 2/10s of an inch long. Any ideas as to what this slot is for?
&. My friend wants $450 for the pistol. That "seems" reasonable to me because it is unlike my other Lugers. The magazine seems to be highly sought after as far as I know. Opinions on the value?

Thanks, Jim (57Fordman)

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Hi Jim, $450 sounds like a fair price. Photos reqired to be sure. The slot is a cut for a police mag safety,which was removed, because they caused more problems than they solved. Remove the side plate. There should be a hole drilled just above and slightly to the rear of the trigger. This is also indication of the mag safety. Usually the slot would be soldered. However, it may have melted in the fire.
The circle S is still an unknown and contested mark. Thought to be a Simson proof by some.
The Eagle on the mag may be a police acceptance mark. One of several different variations. Does the pistol have a small dogleg flat bar that rests on the top of the side plate? This would be a police sear safety, added to prevent accidental discharge during disassembly.

The numbers on the strap are possibly police property numbers. Hard to ID without photos.
Hope this helps, Ron

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Thanks for the response. You are right. There is a hole drilled just behind the trigger. My pistol does have the extra flat bar sear safety. Perhaps some day we will all know what the S in the circle meant.

Thanks, Jim (57Fordman)
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