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my 1940,code 42, 4" adventure

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I've regretted trading off my lugers, & have been looking for a shooter, in particular a modern stainless speciman. in the meantime, I came accross a bunch of pistols purchased from the german govt. that were maintained as police weapons. they are at Brocks army navy, in suburban Atlanta. I looked at a number of them, & selected the best I could afford. it is a 1940, code 42, matching #s, nice period grips, crisp edges no pitting, 99% black blueing, ok bore. altogether it's very respectable looking (no import, east german,or russian markings) mr.Brock was extremely patient with me & took everthing down for a detailed examination. I have read up alot on this site, & the pistol looked good enough for me to put it on layaway at $800. while recouping my toy budget, perhaps the stainless 45 acp luger will come to market....
is the "wolf" 9mm ammo an acceptable choice? any reason I shouldn't use the new super-slippery,corrosion fighting synthetic oil to lube with? don't be too hard on me I'm new at this.thanks
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Lugers like Winchester 9mm straight out of Walmart and also the S&B 124gr 9mm. In principle, any gun oil is good enough for lubrication purposes. Just don't overdo it and certainly don't follow the old German 'Vaseline' instruction. It's somewhat obsolete :)
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