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I thought I would show my Wartime occupation produced Browning M1910/22 and it's holster.
The .32 pistol is all matching numbers, 946XX, has the wooden grips and is marked with the WaA140 stamps. On the left triggerguard at the front is a mark I don't recognize. It is what looks like an inverted V and an R.Anyone know what this is?
The holster is marked with an H/sword-anchor/K stamp which I understand is for the Heinrich Krieghoff Waffenfabrik. It has one old repair on one of the dropping straps and the catch hole area is getting worn but otherwise in fair shape.
There is a hint of an old WaA stamp on the back of the holster but it is now illegible.

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A nice rig that was produced while some of the pre-war commercial features were still included in the manufacture. I also don't know about the markings. There are some markings we just don't know much about.

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One more thing, the inverted V is VERY narrow, like it might be part of a mis-stamped M. That would make the stamp "MR", if that helps any.
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