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I dont know how to figure the value....I can provide info and maybe you guys could help me determin what I should sell it for....I think he is wrong for doing so...and I may "if finances and wife allow" aquire it myself...

This is what I know about it. No seer safty like a police model...only thing I learned here so far :)

has a serial number 5382
A DWM on the top
Is stamped on the left side Germany and above is a N with a crown over it.

Has an 82 stamped below the rear sight

Sad when such a fine piece must go.....I hope someone good gets it.

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Hello Shayne,

Welcome to the forum. From the information you provided I am guessing that it might be a 1920 commercial DWM import. The Crown/N implies commercial, and the "Germany" means that it was exported from Germany.

Unfortunately, no one can estimate the value without much more information and pictures. If I am correct and it is a 1920 it is probably a 7.65mm.

Please provide as much information as you can including all markings and their locations and the caliber. Good, detailed, close-up pictures would be a great help.

Best of luck.


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Shayne, welcome to the forum!

As Luke stated, lots of pictures and complete description, caliber, length of barrel, is it all matching, etc., are the only ways to judge a wild guess on a value...

A "shooter" luger sells for $350-$550, all depending on many factors. If this one is 7.65mm (30 luger), then the value is not as high as a 9mm one, and even in nice shape usually sell for around $500-$600 or less.

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