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My early jager, single pin

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I did a posting on Gunboards pistol forum about my recent find of a Jager for $60. Mine is serial number 2864, single barrel pin construction, commercial proofs of crown over N. Mine is missing an original magazine, and after firing mine, I discovered that the main screw needed a sleeve(before I made a reproduction) which the original must have been missing for a long time, which the sleeve acts as a recoil lug for the concave portion of the barrel to prevent barrel rise, otherwise it moves slightly up and bangs against the main screw, causeing misfeeds from a magazine I converted to use as a shooter. Anyway, I made a new sleeve from a hardened gun part(an ak 47 trigger group sleeve I cut down the right width), and it appears to feed just fine now, and I was lucky it was the same thickness that I needed.
Finish on mine is like 50% to 70%, with minor pitting mostly centered on one side of the pistol. Oh well, it is lucky it was saved from destruction from the local gun dealer who was thinking about parting it out for screws, springs, anything else, even though it was a consignment gun(guess he figured he would give the consignee a few bucks and the screws and such were worth more).
I got a minor crack on the top of the grips, but hey, these grips they used must sure have been durable, only a few minor corner chips on the rear cornerers of the grips.
Bore condition on mine is shiny, minor darkeness in some portions of the grooves, sharp rifling.
I like the way these are constructed, though I would have preferred it to be a more later one, cause I feel this early one, and early ones in general have much much more milling of the slide than later models.

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For a rep piece I think you did well!

I know little about Jagers, they are difinately different looking, that is for sure,

Great gun and thanks for the addition to the data base. That makes 56 Jagers reported through this forum. What a terrific buy for only $60, it is very fortunate that you rescued it from the parts bin. Until you find a correct magazine, a 1900 Browning or a 1907 Dreyse works just fine and looks a bit better than the one you have with the finger extension. Congratulations on a nifty purchase.
Hello All-

Here is a better view of Bud's early Jager pistol:

Download Attachment: MyEarlyJagerR.JPG
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While on the subject, another earlier one has been reported.
An owner in Poland has posted serial number #700 onto the 'Military Handguns' section of the GunBoards forums last week.

They just seem to keep coming out of the woodwork...

Rich M
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