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Please help identify and price a Luger left to me by my father. He served in WWII with The Second Armored Division from 1939 to 1945.Discription is as follows: Serial # 69911 stamped bottom of barrell, front of main frame and on clip. No date stamp ..no stock lug..no letters in Serial #. It has lanyard loop and bolt hold open. A #"11" stamped behind rear sight, underside of main frame, left side above trigger and bottom of break down toggle. Right side main frame triple crown/X and an eagle. 8,84 stamped bottom of barrell under serial #. Eagle stamp top of barrell and left side of breach. Stamps on extra clip...from top to bottom on wood...crown, "G",6502,a small written "a",and a "+", crown and below that a fancy "B". Brown Holster is excellent condition..stampings inside of flap are "KR 6" to left of buckle strap stitching, "AWUNUERLCHNAUNG" and below that "BERLIN" and below that "1914". Inside handwritten in ink..."Feldw Brunkow", next line "E K K 56 Rasfovling", next line "Inuffya Pruvunur" (this is very hard to read). He cherished the gun and I would like to sell it to a collector who would appreciate it as much as my father did. If you have any questions...please feel free to contact me. I don't know when or where he acquired the gun.
Sincerely, Rudy

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* First & foremost: Welcome to the Forum!! I applaud you for a very detailed & helpful description of your Luger.
* Your example is termed a "1908 Commercial Model-Army" by Collectors. Long story short, it is a DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken) manufactured Luger made late 1913 or in the first half of 1914 for the Commercial market. There are strong indications, by the markings on this pistol, it was impressed into service of the Imperial Army at the start of WWI.
- The triple Crown/X markings are Acceptance stamps of an Imperial Army Inspector assigned to the DWM plant in Berlin.
- The "Eagles" noted are likely the Army's Power Proof (Beschussadler) markings for the barrel, receiver, and breech link.
* The "11" numeral markings are the last two digits of the serial number of the pistol. Since the pistol was initially made for the Commercial market, these numerals will generally appear in a hidden location of the major small parts. I believe there are about 16-17 parts marked including some on the inside like the firing pin, trigger, grips, your added hold open, etc.
* The "8,84" is the actual bore (land to land)diameter in millimeters.
* The full five digit "69911" appears on one of the pistol's magazine. Assuming no other marks appear on the bright tin colored tube & wood base with this number, you have one original matching mag. The second mag originally belonged to an Erfurt produced Army Luger bearing S/N 6502a. The "+" indicated it was the reserve mag for this Erfurt pistol. The two Crown over Fraktur letter mag stamps are Erfurt arsenal assigned Inspector acceptance marks for the magazine.
* The Commercial DWM pistols started about 1899-1900 with S/N 1 and sequentially progressed up to your 69911 by 1914. As for the second mag, Army pistols were S/N'd in blocks of 10,000. The first block had no lower case suffix letter attached to the numeric portion of the S/N. The second block was the "a" block, third block was the "b" block and so on.
* The Holster (PT.08) was manufactured by A. Wunderlich Nachfolger in the southwest side of Berlin in 1914. It likely was mated with your pistol by the Army after the pistol left the DWM plant.
* The holster's "KR 6", "E K K 56", soldier's(?) rank/name, etc. potentially reveals a wealth of information on this pistol's probable use. I leave the further assignments this pistol served and in what period to those more familiar than I.
* Two very detailed posts appear under the "Imperial Lugers 1908-1918: P.08 Army Luger" section of the Forum. I'd urge you to read Jan Still's post of 12/29/03 entitled P08 DWM, Comm. Army R.I.R.72.M.G and J. Coe's post of 12/26/03 tiled A real commercial 1908 triple C/X Army.
* Once confirmed completely original and fully matching, the value is almost uniquely established by the amount of original finish, ie; Condition, Condition, Condition. Is it possible for you to post digital pictures or scans of this example and its accessories. This will aid Forum members in assessing your Luger & its possible market value.
* Again: Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum, started to reply to your post the other day but had to leave quickly so deleted my post as it was unfinished and RockinWR had already given a very detailed post.I am also very interested in your luger but due to import regulations that make buying foreign firearms cost prohibitive you are probably better off selling to a U.S. buyer. Anyway your father left you a very nice luger and holster with lots of traceable history as RockinWR pointed out in his post.Did your dad acquire the luger in his service time or did he pick it up later as their is no doubt that the holster was an original issue and finds like that do not happen every day. Anyway I trust you will get a good offer from either of the members that expressed an interest. Good luck

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Hi to everybody who got back so soon.You were all a big help.
The gun has been sold and has gone to someone who will appreciate the pistol more than myself.
Thanks again...Rudy
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