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Hi Guys, I picked up my first Luger, its a BYF 42. It is an imported Luger, as it has a stamp that says Miltex, La Plata, MD on it.

It is one part that does not match on it, which is the side plate. All the other parts match, inlcuding the firing pin. It has some non original grips on it as well, they are black plastic, and they are not checkered, but they are grooved.

Can anyone tell me any more about it, like I said it is a BYF 42, Suffix is K serial # 4831. Does anyone know if it would have had walnut chekered grips on it originally, or should a K suffix have had the black bakelite "Black Widow" grips on it?????

Also the clip is not serial numbered, is this normal. The clip has the letters FXO on it, and then a Waffenampt 37. It also has the black plastic bottom.

The Gun also has waffenampt 135 on it in several spots on the barrel and slide.

Here are some pictures

Download Attachment: Luger 003.jpg
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When they first were selling imports, they were $350-$400, and that was several years ago. I have seldom seen shooters for less than $500 the last couple of years, so $400 is reasonable.

Having the russian grips is an indication, but not proof positive, as you could change the grips easily.

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