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Hi guys!

I just picked up my first 1879 Reichsrevolver (a Mauser) and holster and have a question. The gun will not rotate the cylinder when cocked in a horizontal or higher position. When held muzzle down it rotates the cylinder perfectly. I took the side plate off and can see how the pawl pushes up on the cylinder rachet. However, there is nothing keeping this pawl against the rachet except gravity when pointed muzzle down. There must be something missing and I am hoping someone can take a photo of the inside of their revolver and show me what part is needed. There must be some type a spring to keep pressure on the pawl. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'll get photos and details of my gun and holster as soon as I can!

Another question - does anyone have a receipe for reloading for these revolvers? I have some 44 Russian brass on order and would like to get a black powder load together.

Thanks in advance,

Snow Dog

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Hello Snow Dog,
Welcome to the forum!
There are two causes:
1) the spring inside the hammer is broken or missing,
2) the journal of the hand is broken.

I guess it is 2) and you have to repair or to replace the hand.

To see what really happened, you must dismantle the lock:
- screw off the grips
- remove the side plate
- screw off the mainspring bolt, use an open spanner of 5,5 mm
- screw off or loosen the trigger spring screw, use a 4 mm open spanner
- take off the hammer
- dry your tears

You should contact a gunmaker with some experience. Please notice that the hand is hardened. If he or you needs support (drawing of the hand/journal or futher information), please let me know that.

Good luck

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Hi Snow Dog;

Hope springs eternal & you may get lucky! I did:)

I had the same problem with my M1879 & my gunsmith friend discovered that it was the flat spring inside the hammer that had broken. As luck would have it, it broke at the point where the pin that holds it in place is located & both pieces were still in the hammer. It was a simple matter of making a new spring & putting it in.

Does your M1879 have 'Antique' status? If not, you may want to contact Mr. Laurent Lemelin of the Canadian Firearms Registry, to determine it's status. He is very pleasant & helpfull to talk to & can be reached at 1-800-731-4000 Ext. 2070.

Please see my posting "Antique Status Granted" just down the page & you'll see a copy of the letter he sent me confirming this status on both my M1879 & M1883.

Welcome to the world of Reichsrevolvers!
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