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its me again......i found out how too post a pic. of my luger.so sending it.......my gun is like it was when it came back from war.....i see lots about matching numbers......mine all match as i said even grips ty

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i have a luger that has a date on barrel 1940 ser#3465 on toggle number 42. i see some very small numbers under what looks like a bird.they are..656.....i took the gun out years ago......it shoots very good...........if i knew how i could send some pic.s......if anyones interested in it e-mail me on yahoo...i'll send pic;s ....ty one other thing..all parts has the last two number in ser.# on them even walnat grips ty

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What is it that you would like to know about your Luger? For members of the forum to answer questions we would like to know the serial number plus the letter suffix under it, the date , if there is one over the chamber, the manufacturers code on the toggle (i.e. DWM, Erfurt, 42, S42, byf41 etc.). Does the magazine number match the serial number?. It appears the GI inlaid something in the grip. All these questions are necessary to evaluate and date your Luger.

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