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I recently found a very nice Baby Nambu at the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show in January. This of course stimulated my interest in finding a holster for the little gem. Well, we all know how scarce the hard shell is and the soft shell isn't much easier to find. Then of course the price for one can be close to half as much as the Baby. So, I have been looking for a reproduction and found one on EBay. It is one of those reproductions that was made some years ago. Anyway, paid $85.00 for it and it will be the new home of my Baby Nambu. It is surprisingly well made and put together. The Baby fits it like a perfect pair of gloves. Anyway, I took several pictures that I thought some of you Japanese pistol collectors would like to see. Thanks, Lloyd in Vegas
Download Attachment: Baby Nambu Holster Rig 2.jpg
Download Attachment: Baby Nambu in Holster Flap[ Up.jpg
Download Attachment: Rear of Baby Nambu Holster.jpg
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