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quote:Originally posted by Doug G

First off I do not know why these little beauties do not bring more money than they do? I bought this at a gun auction for $120. I think I might start collecting them for fun!
First of all congratulations on your steal !!! $120 for a pistol in that condition is a great buy. I collected the Ortgies Pistols for over 20 years and found it to be very interesting as there are quite a few variations in the 3 calibers. At one time I had 5 different .380's/9mm. At one time had over 50 of the Ortgies with very few duplicates except for boxed guns. The pistol you have still shows all the fire blue on the extractor which is the highest point on the pistol and the first area to show wear.its a nice one.......Enjoy......phredp

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