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About 9 years ago I purchased this M2 Portugese Luger rig from a collector in Albany, GA, who had bought it years before when the guns were first imported. This is an all-matching DWM manufactured Model 1906 with 4 3/4 inch barrel chambered in 7.65mm, grip safety, and issued to the Portugese Army. While Walters in his book "The Luger Story" says that the Portugese ordered new model long frame pistols, this one is a new model short frame, serial number 2088 and has three "triangle-in-a-circle" Portugese property or acceptance stamps; left forward receiver wall, under the barrel below the serial number and back of the frame above the lanyard loop. All three can be seen in the pictures.

There were 5,000 of these pistols purchased by contract from DWM in 1910. The Portugese designated them the Model 909, indicating that they had adopted it in 1909 after somewhat lengthy but leisurely trials. The ornate Crown & intertwined "M2" deeply stamped on the receiver honors King Manuel II. The extractor is marked "CARREGADA" and the thumb safety covers a bright, unmarked oblong place on the frame when it's in the down position and ready to fire. They were made to the highest standards.

The mag body has a slight green coloration to it and I suspect it's from a preservative or light grease that has been on it for years. The mag base has been renumbered over smaller numbers, neither set being matched to the pistol. However, I believe it to be correct for the pistol.

The holster that came with the pistol is made of black dyed leather and contains a loading tool, cleaning rod and pin-punch. Inside the flap is deeply stamped "1.28" and "A.111153". The exact meaning of these markings are unknown to me. The inside upper body of the holster is stamped "AE". The cleaning rod grease can still contains what I believe to be original issue Portugese gun grease.

For comparison, I've included a second Portugese holster that I've owned for many years, purchased against the day I'd own a pistol to go with it. While they appear to be of the same design, construction is completely different. The second holster is made of layered leather and has an edge reinforcing border sewn on the flap and upper body front piece. The back of holster 2 is brown instead of black and the "AE" stamp is on the back.

I welcome all comments and observations.

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