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* My S/42 1937 Rig

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I had this posted on the old forum, just thought I would post it here again if nobody minds. It is a vet bringback, the whole set together, completely matching including magazine. Came with the belt and one K98 pouch. I am new to the P08 game but this one is my favorite of the three I own. Has the vet's Canadian service number written in the flap. Hope the pics work!


sn 8556r
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Thanks for posting beautiful photographs of an outstanding 1937 S/42 Mauser Luger (sn 8556r)(straw) rig.

The purpose of this forum is the exchange information, by posting such photographs you benefit all the members with the information and benefit yourself by getting a chance to show off your gun.

Thanks again for your great photographs.
It is interesting that the matching magazine has stick E/63 and the Luger droop E/63. This must be a transitional magazine.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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