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* My S/42 1937 Rig

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I had this posted on the old forum, just thought I would post it here again if nobody minds. It is a vet bringback, the whole set together, completely matching including magazine. Came with the belt and one K98 pouch. I am new to the P08 game but this one is my favorite of the three I own. Has the vet's Canadian service number written in the flap. Hope the pics work!


sn 8556r
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Jan, good eyes!! I believe the M-Block magazine is for a 1938 Luger and the R-Block is for a 1939, Code 42. If one examines the size of the E/63 between the two magazines, the R-Block is slightly larger than the M-Block. This slightly larger size is typical of the first few blocks of the 1939, Code 42 production.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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