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Jan, I haven't posted anything since my post war French occupation Luger. This one is really a mystery. It appears at first glance to be a 1920 Commercial, but it is completely devoid of proofs or numbers except for the obviously hand stamped serial number on the front of the frame. It has a blank toggle and the reciever is marked Germany over the chamber, which they did for export guns. So what do you think is it a lunchbox gun or possibly a very early post war commercial. The finish is definately rust blue with straw small parts except for the trigger which is blue. All the parts look like DWM to me. I anxiously await your opinions. Here are some pics. John

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I would guess from the apparent short length of the barrel, that it is 7.65 caliber. The serial number stamped on the front of the frame is not factory original. The top of the chamber is not a usual place to mark "GERMANY". Lack of serial numbers and any proofs indicate that (your estimate)it is a lunch box special.

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Jan, That is what I thought too, I wish this Luger could talk. It was bought by our friend Bob Simpson at the CADA show last weekend. He thought it was an interesting piece and came to the same conclusion calling it a "Lunch Box" special. You're right about the caliber being .30 Luger. All in all an interesting pistol for the advanced collector. Thanks for your input. John

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Jan, I'm thinking about obtaining this Luger from Bob, mainly because while I've heard of lunch box specials this is the first one I've seen in my 40 years of collecting. I think it would be a really neat addition to my collection since I don't imagine they are very common. When I told him I would like to post it on your site to see what you thought of it he gratiously let me photograph it. The Luger collecting community is greatly enhanced by your site, so when I come across something out of the ordinary it's a pleasure sharing it you and the site members. John
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