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Mystery Reichsrevolver

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I recently picked up what I think is some sort of officer's or commercial reichsrevolver. It's all-matching, consortium/Suhl, S/N 221, and has a very fine fire-blue finish. There are no unit markings, and in fact, the only other markings I can find are the "S." stamps under each full serial number stamping (barrel, frame behind barrel, and frame under cylinder), a small german script "D" in the curved area between the rear of the trigger guard and the butt, two small "S" characters on the bottom of the octagonal flat of the barrel and a "10.55" on another flat. Aside from some speckling in the bluing, it's like new. It also does not have a lanyard ring, and does not appear to have ever been equipped with such. I initially thought it might have been removed and the whole thing reblued, but after talking to a couple other collectors, I don't think it's been refinished. Any idea what I really have?

Also, any idea where I can get the new book on these beasties? I was tempted to order directly from the distributor's website, but thought better of it.


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quote:Originally posted by Heinrich

Please post an additional close up photo of the left barrel side in front of the cylinder.
Is the place under the grip, there where usually the loop for the ring is, of bar gray metal or blued?
Are there any crowned markings? A photo would also be usful.

I've included three more pictures. The first, is the left frame you requested. The second is inside the grips behind the trigger guard and the third (and, I think, most revealing) is the bottom of the butt. The photography shows up things I missed with my naked eyes. You can see the difference in the bluing and the remnants of what appear to be two numbers, "2" and "5". Looks to me now like the lanyard ring has been machined off at some point. It may even be worse than that, but I'll let someone else call that one. Oh, yeah, there is a crown over the script letter "f" or "ff"(I think) on the bottom of the frame in front of the cylinder. I could not get a decent (in focus) picture of it, sorry.

Thanks for the help,

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Thank you very much for decyphering what has been an interesting learning experience. It appears I have a Saxon officer's model that has been "tweaked" a little.

Thanks also on the ordering information for DWJ. Looks like I'd better get a copy before I do something careless again.

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