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Nambu Magazine Matching Service?

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Hi; I have several spare T14 and papa magazines. Is there anyone out there doing a matching service on the web? Thanks Doug
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On the Japanese Gunboards, there was a guy talking about it, Don Hallock does it for Lugers, charges like $12.00 a year for his list..

But Douglas, you could always start a service like this.

There are a couple of guys that have lists but don't think that they are on the web. I'm looking got Papa mag # 8526, on the offhand chance that you might have it.
You might try Mr. Buck Squires at [email protected] for your Japanese magazine matching needs. He maintains an entensive list from various collectors.
I have Nambu 14 magazine #062 with a 1931 pistol. Searching for proper vintage mag. #18438.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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