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this is my first time here. Would like to know the value of a Navy Lugar with a four inch barrel all numbers appear to match, serial number 1094 it also has the number 0.1564on the grip strap. What does that number represents? I will try to upload a few pictures, any help would be appreciated tanks Mike

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here are a few more pictures hope they help. Also it is a D W. M. dated 1916 and also 1920 on top of the receiver. The holster is a brocker 1938. The wooden button mag also has the Navy markings plus it came with aluminum button mag no markings. I hope this will help you identify this Lugar and possibly its history anything you could share would be appreciated thanks again mike

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Mike, I was hoping some "experts" would show up and help. From my limited experience, let me take a weak stab at this;

Made in 1916 by DWM, it then received a 1920 reichwehr property stamping.

The number 0.1564 on the grip strap appears to me to be a navy stamping, which I am sure is why you have commented on it. This marking was for identification for a unit, meaning that when the weapon was assigned it was given a seperate number. Hopefully others can give you more information on this.

Your holster being from 1938, at least shows you have a holster from the nazi era to match your WW1, then weimar, then WW2 era "rig".

Value is hard, true navy pieces and unless yours has other acceptance markings, could be a fake, but I don't know. Can you provide clear upclose pictures of the markings on left and right?

Shooter price start around $450 and then go up, navies can be fairly expensive, going for several thousand, but unless you can get it proven to be a navy, and not reblued, then value is not anything like that.

Also, you can always change a posting by clicking on the icon that looks like a pencil and paper, then you can fix any mistakes in spelling, such as lugar when it should be luger, ;>)


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Ed has covered everything. The 1920 Reichswehr property stamp was applied sometime during late 1920 early 1921 to indicate German Army property. The 0.1564 is a Navy property stamp applied by the Marinestation der Ostee in about 1935 (see page 205 Weimar Lugers).

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Thank you both for your response, I will try to take clearer pictures and post them in the future.thanks again for your help.

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Your Weimar Navy should bring from $1800-2300 depending on condition. It appears in the photos that the side and barrel top have some pitting. If that is the case, it would tend to drive the value to the lower range.

Hope this helps,
Tom A.
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