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I have a 6" barreled luger with 100 and 200 setting rear sight. Crown M under barrel and 3 crowns 2 over M on side of receiver. No grip safety or sign of ever having one. No date on reciever. Serial number 3151 over b. All metal numbers match. Pistol is well worn (about 50% finish or more) but except for someone narrowing the front sight blade (and possibly removing the date that I was told should be on the base) it appears original. Is this a model 1908 navy and what date would it have been made? JL

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(I assume your Luger is not dated*)Based on your description your Luger would be a 1908 Variation Navy. 120 1908 Variation Navy Lugers are reported in the 1044b to 9505b serial range. Based on Navy documents these were manufactured sometime between January 15, 1914 and October 1916. Many of these were delivered to the Kiel Dockyard.

1908 Variation Navy, sn 3151b, was probably manufactured sometime in early 1915.

Photographs of your Navy luger would be interesting, particularly the proofs on the left receiver. (See page 163, and 175 -176 Imperial Lugers for more detail).

*(A 1908 Variation Navy would not have a date over the chamber,on the left side of the sight or on the left frame rail.)

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Thinking of replacing the altered front sight blade. Would this use a regular
P 08 blade. The mag is not the type with concentric circles. It has an unmarked plated body with wood bottom (smooth finger grip) with a 5 digit number over 2 lines or ll. Is this a commercial mag. What is the going rate for a navy mag? JL

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JL, It is very important to NOT replace anything on this pistol. The sight may well be original.You would do well to have good digital phatographs taken and post them on this site for comments. Jan Still gave you some excellent advice in the preceeding post. The information you have from some other source that the date was probably ground off and the front sight altered because there was no date is incorrect. Proceed cautiously or you will cost yourself a lot of money. This pistol is fairly uncommon and you need expert advice. I am not an expert on Navy Lugers but several of the best are on this forum. Post some pictures for them to examine and go slowly.

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Can't do pics. The front sight blade has had the ends of the male dovetail ground flush with the base, have never seen this on other lugers. The blade appears to be narrowed, when looking down the barrel and has file marks. Would have thought an original replacement would be prefered to someones home accuracy mods. JL

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I have, by your above reply, a 1908 commercial Navy
varaition but my ser. number had no letters associated
with it; does that change anything. There are no marks
on the barrel. THe only marks on the left side of the
frame is the ser # and the last two digits in the
squre portion below it. The four digit 7000 range
is also on the front of the trigger guard. IT is also
marked with the last two digits behind the rear sight
and on the left side where there is a small metal
piece on the slide portion. The right side has the
DWM proofs as shown in "Lugers at Random" for DWM
during (1914-1918).
Can you give me any input on this pistol.
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