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Fellow Members Tom Armstrong, Leo Lavallee and I will be doing the S.E. NAPCA meeting in August 2004 in Chattanooga, Tn. for this years guest Speaker and Display slot. All of our forum members that are or would like to become NAPCA members or just want to come over to see the NAVY DISPLAY of ALL Times please advise us so we can give you times and dates.

We have almost totally gone specific except for one of our trio that deviates somewhat to other areas. The NAVY area has become one of total fascination especially in the Imperial into Weimar era. We all have picked up some neat Lugers , holsters and rods/tools over the last few years as a team. If any of you have any specific questions or specific pieces that you want to sell and trade then please speak up.

As a newly joined member I do offer my two humble pieces that I consider to be quite unique. The other two twins described above have offered Organ donations to be on the top of the I want it list.

1906 Navy Lugers with Consecutive Serial Numbers 5124 and 5125 along with the Unit Markings 11. S.B. 32 and 33. These pups were acquired by me 5 years apart by sheer coincidence. If any of your have or find the matching mags 5124-5125 please grab them and advise. Once that is done the brothers are then 100% complete.

Derek Seltzer.
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