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My guess is that it was an early Navy mag that got picked up by the Police and got renumbered and got the "2" added. The part I can't figure is the 167 stamp. It is RAISED rather than indented and I'm not sure if it belonged to the Navy or the Police gun. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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I think I'm seeing the top of a 4 before the 01 but not sure. Any young guys out there with good eyes???

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Raised stamps on wooden parts are common stamps they are "retouched" with water. Try to buy in convenenient hardware store or borrow from friend punching die and stamp it into the hardwood. Then drop on the stamped marking several water drops. Repeat. Intended surface now raised out. Then you can stamp another marking and the result will be the same like yours magazine bottom. This process is commonly used by skilled cabinetmakers during restorations.
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