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Presented here from out of my collection is a unusual example of a CZ24 which has a Nazi or waffenamted barrel. This reflects, or I think that it does, that the pistol was not completed but was found in the plant at time of capture. Interesting that the Czech Police marks of CET are already roll-died on to the frame before completion and handing over to the Czech Police forces. This indicates, that in this case, an order specifically identified for the police was established prior to production and that such markings were applied at that time. Interesting and educational I trust.

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG

Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG

Download Attachment: holster exposed.JPG

Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG

Download Attachment: slide top markings.JPG
98.11KB Serial number represents a significantly late example of a CZ24.

Download Attachment: pistol right side.JPG

Download Attachment: right frame markings.JPG

Download Attachment: waffenamted barrel.JPG
71.6KB Due to the curved surfaces here not all of the waffenamt stamp can be achieved but enough of the remaining stamp is visable to condfidently state that a waffenamt stamp of WaA76 had been applied.

Download Attachment: magazine bottom.JPG

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Great Rig! I know that there are E7 lion 38 pistols out there, but you do not see many of them. Maybe I ought to get out my E7 lion 38 Cz-27. I will disagree with your statement that the pistol was in the factory at time of occupation. The pistol was acceptance marked by the Czech goverment (E7 lion 38) thus accepted into Czech service. The Czech police were allowed to keep their weapons under German Occupation. My guess is that the pistol was rebarreld by german armorers thus the Nazi proof. There was a German Unit created from a bunch of police units of which some were from the Czech Police. It is possible that this pistol belong to one of them. The Cz-24's that were still in the factory were used by the luftwaffe and were proofed like the Luftwaffe pistol I posted last week.

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