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* R.Blake Steven, Browning High Power Automatic Pistol, Pg.51 states "Forced labour pushed production of the 640(b) to over 101,000 units in 1943. Also, at the beginning of 1943 a new serial numbering system waas introduced. Henceforth, the plan was that a maximum of five digits would be used, followed by an identifying small "a" for the first 100,000, then a small "b" and so on."
* I have used 101,200 units in 1943 starting with "1a". Assuming linear production over 365 days, the math suggests your 262xxa was made on 5 April, 1943.
* Bill C., in his 6/87 AutoMag article, estimates the 1943 production range was 7801a-8800b. Using Bill's starting point, the math suggests 7 March, 1943.
* Without records, HP production is a guess. The choice is yours.
* As to fair price:
- The latest S.P. Fjested 2004 Blue Book of Gun Values lists a 90% German 640(b) fixed sight HP @ $395.
- The Ned Schwing Standard Catelog of Military Firearms places a VG(92%) example @ $450 and a Good(80%) one @ $400.
- I occasionally see "a" block 640(b)'s at gun shows in the $600-$750 ASKING price range. Condition varies between 80%-95%.
- Check Auction Arms & Gunbroker sites for SOLD examples matching this gun's specifications as another means to arrive @ a fair price.
* Trust this helps. Have any pictures we can see? Maybe the members would better be able to gauge a "fair price" based on some photo's. The grips, mag, and bore can all factor into a realistic sale price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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