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Nazi marked FN 1922

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I recently picked up a Nazi marked FN 1922. The pistol has a weak blueing and a German army proof mark on the frame, slide and chamber, but no acceptance marks of any kind. Would this have been late war and the acceptance marks were just left off?
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It sounds like it may be a wartime commercial pistol for sale to qualified/approved persons. These pistols will only have the Eagle N proof. I think most were made late in the war.
Pictures and serial number would help.
I can't get a clear photo of the markings, but the marks (or at least two of them) are plainly the eagle over the swastiki, not the eagle over "N". The serial number is 99079.

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The eagle/swastika isn't a proof mark - I think it may serve as a property stamp, but I'm not sure.
There are no ordnance acceptance stamps (WaA/number)anywhere?
I was calling it a proof mark from Jan Still's book. He refers to it as the German army proof mark.

There are no acceptance marks anywhere on the gun.
* An eagle/swastika is the official Power Proof stamp for German Military pistols of that period.
* An E/WaAxxx is the Waffenamt(Army Inspector) acceptance mark on behalf of the German Military.
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