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Nazi Marked French MAB Model D... More Questions..

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Hello, I am seeking any and all information (especially about value, production numbers, where they were used, and where to look for matching numbers) on Nazi Marked French MAB Model D pistols in 7.65 cal. I have recently found one in 60% condition at a gun shop, but I have no clue about this type of pistol, and information is not turning up easily. From what I have seen, they generally sell in the $150 to $350 range, and that there were about 50,000 produced with the WaA251 marking. Also, I have read that they were mostly used in German occupied areas of Western Europe (though there are accounts of them having been used on the Eastern front). The one I am interested in inludes the correct holster, and is going for $200 (it has the WaA251). Like I said, infomation is appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance!!!
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I just found one of these guns at a local show, it is 97%+, I paid $300.00. The barrel is correctly proofed but it has no numbers on it. The slide has the last two digits of the serial number on it. The gun is WaA251 accepted.

When I get a chance, I'll post some photos.

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