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Hey Guys, I'm looking for a magazine to go with a 1937 S/42 ...need something close to serial # 856 "u" ...The preference is to find a U suffix mag with Droop wing Eagle over 63 even if the numbers don't match...thks, Robert

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* You may have a null search request as IIRC the magazine acceptance was transitioning to a stick eagle 63 around the "r" block of 1937. By the "u" block, the sE/63 was virtually the only mag acceptance seen. Just make sure a "u" block has the small sE/63 appropriate for 1937 as opposed to the medium or large sE/63 used in 1939.
* The period correct mag should be a blue tube, sheet metal folded/crimped style with the single side pinned alumunum bottom known as the type 2 Mauser military style.
* Trust this helps.

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Finding an exact match (i.e. same serial number) is about impossible. Finding one in the "block" isn't as hard. Look on e-bay, subscribe and look on Don Hallocks list, go to the dealers sites that feature magazines (Randy Besseler is one http://www.collectorfirearms.us/ ), and maybe you'll get lucky, sooner rather than later!

Good luck,

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