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need help identifying a DWM luger

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I recently received a luger and I'm trying to identify. Here is what I have.
serial # 71527 . DWM is marked on top of toggle. It has a crown with a "N" on the LF side of the toggle,on the underside of the barrel close to the receiver,and also on the LF side of the receiver,although the serial # is stamped over the top of it. It is marked "Geisicert" on the safety. It has a 4" tapered barrel. The RH side of the gun has no markings. There is an "O" marked on the rear of the receiver. It has 2 magazines. One is nickel with a wood base,and has a criptic "i" and a different ser # and one with an aluminum base and steel body with a criptic wings with "37" stamped into the base and the correct serial #. The holster is black and is date coded 1942. I have some pictures,but the files are too big for this forum. I'll try to get some in a smaller file size.

Download Attachment: Picture323.jpg

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Your Luger is a 1914 Commercial manufactured by DWM for the commercial market in approximatley 1913 or 1914. A correctly matched magazine would have a 71527 marked wood bottom stamped across the long axis of the magazine. If you look in the contents above there is some information on 1908 and 1914 Commercial Lugers.

Some/many of these commercial market Lugers ended up in military service through officer self purchase.

The 1942 dated holster and E/37 magazine are World War II production. The aluminum bottom magazine was force matched to your Luger.

Please show your photographs.
Added pictures for Bill,

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