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I posted this in the military handgun forum and someone suggested that I post it here for some help. I apologize for not getting the pictures to post in this message but I was unable to figure out how to move my topic from one forum to the other. I recently acquired an FN Browning 1922 pistol and I need some help from the experts.

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152.99 KB From what I have read it was made during the nazi occupation based upon serial number (1589xx). It has the wa140 marking on it as well as nazi eagles. The thing that has me puzzled is what someone did to the nazi markings. It looks as though someone peened them but not like normal russian peening marks. It looks almost like a sunburst around the actual eagle markings. On the other side is an "X" stamp like other russian captures but the stamps over the eagles has me wondering if this indeed a russian capture. Most RC's I have seen usually peen with a punch over the actual swastica but these don't look like that. This gun has no import marks and I even took the grips off to see if there were any there as well. All the numbers are stamped matching. Could this be a reissue to police units after the war? Are the markings East German? Either way this one has me wondering and I could use some help here.I've enclosed some pics for all of you to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

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I am surprised that nobody has taken a stab at this. I haven't really seen this before. I think with the "X" we can say it has been in Russian hands at least for a short while. As far as the other marks, I have a couple of questions. I probably won't be able to give you an answer, but for my own thoughts.
1-Are the "sunburst" type marks over or under the last coat of bluing?
2-Are the same marks made by a single strike of a tool with that pattern or multple strikes of single point to create such a pattern?
3-Are all the patterns the same such as a design, or random patterns?
4-Can you provide a clear close up photo of the pattern?
Thanks, this may help.
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