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Need help with my 1912 Erfurt

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I recently purchased a complete 1912 Erfurt rig. It at some time has had a sear safety added for police use and has what appears to be an old re-finish. My question is, did they automatically re-finish the entire gun when they added the police sear safety? Any opinions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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All or almost all sear safeties were added without refinishing or the sear safety was added after refinishing. The sear safety cut in the side plate and the sear safety rivet are almost always in the white.
From what I understand and have seen sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't.

Looking at them, if they were refinished, it was in the style at the time, so it can be hard to judge, meaning they don't usually look bubba'd, straight lines, no rounded corners, etc. I have wondered if they used special jigs or pistol holders to make lines appear fresh and no rounded corners?

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