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I just bought a C96/1916 in 9mm. It came with an unnumbered holster-stock. The stock has been with the gun since 1945, that has been proven. The gun is 1920-stamped.

But what kind of stock is this???
It is not a c96/1930-stock, nor is it a schnellfeuer-stock.. I have compared it with both original WW1 military stocks, and standard civilian c96 stocks from the same period. And I'm quite sure it is produced during ww1 or early weimar period. Also quite sure it is mauser-produced. But are there many unnumbered stocks known? Or is this rare? A replacement stock perhaps?

Here are 3 photos:






I can take more photos if it is needed...


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It looks a lot like mine, except for the lack of a Ser.#.
Other than the lack of a Ser.#, is there anything else that makes your stock different?
If you want, I will take mine (2) out of the safe and make some
detailed photos of the stock so we can compare.

Kindly post a photo of the Reichwehr mark on your pistol.

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I have 6 WW1 military and commercial stocks myself.. I have compared them all very closely to this one and, except for the missing number, they are identical..

Pictures of the gun and it's unit-marking can be found under the "unit-markings 1920-1933" section.


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My Mauser expert said he thinks it is most likely an ASTRA holster. He asks if it has any numbers on the locking lever</u>? If so, that is what it is.


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I have also thought about that possibility.. But there is no number on the locking-lever, like on the Astra-stocks..

And all the small details are identical to a mauser-stock made in the timeframe 1914-1929.

I really think this is a mauser-produced stock, buf can not be sure... But it is no doubt made pre 1945 anyway...

So what can it be??

Here are two pictures of the locking-lever:



As you can see, no number here either.... (So maybe not an Astra-stock??)

I really would like to have this stock identified.. Really irritating to have something you do not know what is... :)
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