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Mauser discontinued numbering Luger magazines in the - u - block of 1941. Note, your serial number, you are near the end of the - u - block production. I suspect you may hunt for a matching magazine until "dooms day" and never find it. Why? Because chances are very good there never were two matching magazines for this Luger. Complete your rig with two black plastic base magazines and be happy. I would hazard to guess that 75% of these pistols in the late - u - block were issued with black plastic base magazines leaving you with a 25% chance that I am in error. One thought, I have been recording Luger magazine numbers for 45 years. Anyway, good luck my friend. You might ask Frank, Tom Harp or Dave M. they are up to speed on Luger magazines.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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