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I get the privelage of helping a friend determine the estimated worth of a Luger that has been in the estate for approx. 60 yrs. It's like this. The Luger is handed down to one of two possible lucky people. The other will get money(1/2 of the estimated worth). It is excellent condition, has not been fired over that period of time, brown grips, has 1 clip(silver in color with black base and no marking on it). No original holster.

SERIAL NUMBER: XX39 i (The X's just don't identify the first 2 numbers). What year built?
MARKINGS IN SEVERAL PLACES: 39 (I assume that to be part of the matching numbers)
Looked like a German word in the "SAFE" area.

I hope this is enough info to give a range of value. Plese send your estimates to my e-mail address: [email protected]. Thanks.

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Darrell, pictures help very much in estimating value, and also, it is the first two that help the most in estimating date, as lugers were made in batches of 10K for military and yours has a military type of serial number.

Is it 9mm or 7.65mm?

Rough value is $400 and up, max value "maybe" $1,000, but many factors play into value, such as how much blue is left, any pitting, whether it is all matching, etc.


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Assuming that your description is complete, you have an "i" suffix serial range, commercial Luger manufactured in 1921 by DWM(it is called an Alphaber DWM or 1920 Commercial).

What is the caliber and barrel length of the Luger? Are there any additional markings? Most of these have 7.65 caliber 3 & 3/4 inch long barrels.

This is the most common Luger found in the United States. As Ed said the max value, if all matching and in near new original condition, might reach $1000.

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The "i" suffix was used for some special contracts with the alphabet commercials. I have seen two grip saftied Swiss commercials with Swiss Cross in sunburst on the chamber. And of course the DWM Krieghoff series went from about 2000 "i" to about 10000 "i". This variation has the characteristic "KRIEGHOFF SUHL" stamped on the rear of the frame. One of these special "i" variants would increase the value of this piece, especially if the blue and strawing are in good condition. We need more information and especially pictures!
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