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My friend brought this luger to me for ID-- need to know worth and what exactly it is:
DWM on toggle
an American Eagle on frame in front of chamber
Has ser # 64XXX on front of frame along with the word "Germany"
Crown N and serial number on bottom of barrel
Crown N on frame over top of takedown lever
Last 2 numbers of serial number on toggle behind sight
Has a blued grip safety
Trigger, Ext, Thumb safety,takedown lever,safety bar,mag release are shiney unblued metal(strawed??)and portion under safety unblued.
Had wood bottomed, unnumbered mag with it.
No other parts serial numbered as usually encountered on Lugers (sideplate, etc.)
In about 97% condition. 9MM in caliber.
also included are some pics-- any one help me??

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Thats a pretty sharp 1906 American Eagle Luger your friend has, there. Please report the entire serial number, in this serial number range it is necessary for a complete identification. In addition, I am doing a survey of pre-1914 Commercially numbered Lugers, and would appreciate the full number for my database. If you really do not want to make the number public, please email me [email protected] with the information. Thanks much.

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