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The luger I have is a G model with S/N 7285 on it. Most of it matches except for the barrel which has 426 stamped on it. It's engraved with the initials LRW or IRW on the left side. The clip has a wooden end on it and I can't find any evidence of a S/N. Does anybody have any ideas on this gun?

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The gun also has an eagle holding a laurel with the swastika in the middle. Was this a throw together that was made for someone?

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Dave, it certainly has all the hall marks of a post war fabrication. If you like shooting, it should make a good shooter.

The eagle with the swastika appears to be the top 2/3 of a spange to the 1939 Iron Cross II class. If it is, it would have originally stood atop a trapazoidal bar with the date "1939" in it. So even that has been monkeyed with.

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Howdy Joe, Mauser used codes on their Lugers to mask them from scrutiny. Under the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was only permitted a certain number of weapons. To keep anyone from knowing that they were producing more weapons they used letter codes instead of dates of manufacture. The first was a "K" date in 1934. The second was a "G" in
1935. In 1936 Hitler blatantly decreed that he basicly did'nt give a crap about the Treaty of Versailles. And ordered that henceforth they would date their weapons. It was kind of his way of flipping the world
the bird.
So, to make a long explanation, longer. He has a Luger that is "G" dated. Or manufactured in 1935. His has been rebarreled with an artillery Luger barrel from WWI. G dates all had 4" barrels.

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