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I inherited some firearms (11 Lugers and sundry others) from my father. The one I need help with is s/n 7285. It seems to be some kind of presentation artillery model with the initials L.R.W. Or I.R.W. etched in Germanic lettering on the left side. Here's a pic.

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Hope you can help.

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Dave, I am sorry about your father, and wish you well. What are you trying to find out? This kind of additions were made after the war, and by US GI's usually. For a collector, it brings the value down, although value is dependent on what a person will pay.

Although it has WW2 nazi items on it, artillery lugers were made for WW1 and not WW2.

What are all the other markings on it, i.e. DWM, ERfurt, year on top, etc.?

What are the other guns, expecially lugers you inherited?

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