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Need some revolver book info

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I am looking for some info on two books (Volumes) on military revolvers. The books were written by a collector named Mueller. I was wondering if any one had the titles of these books and if they are in English. How are they?
Second request: Does anyone have a Butterfield & Butterfield auction catalog for 1994 that shows the Mueller collection that was auctioned off? I am looking to purchase that catalog.
Thanks for any help.
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Hello Dean,
The bad news: Müllers books are no longer available. Have just checked the current book list of the publisher. The volumes are written in German.
The good news: I have found the cheapest offer in a portal of the European antiquarians.
Here the dealer's address:
Josef Grünbauer
Katharinenstr. 20
D- 72072 Tübingen
email: [email protected]
fax: ..7071440480

The price is 45 Euros (about 58 Dollar)+ shipping.
You can contact him in English.

The Butterfield- catalog (in English of course)is a really good reference book but unfortunately not so often found.
I will look around.
If you should have any questions in the meantime, don' hesitate to contact me. Military revolvers are my speciality.
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Thanks for the info. I do have a couple of questions.
I am going to send the company an email about the books. What are the titles?
Are the photos good? Was the price for one or both?
Do you have any info on Russian Nagants captured and marked by the Lithuanians?
The price is for both and the photos are good. In general b/w with some colored ones in the center.
The title is: "Geschichte und Technik der Europäischen Militärrevolver". "History and....

Lithuanian Nagants: This field has to be researched.
I have a book in Russian language on Nagants and I need some days to find out whether there are some facts about the Baltic States. Have to go to the father of my daughter in law. He can read Russian.
try eBay for the 1994 Butterfield catalog. I found one a couple of months ago; I do not remember the exact price but it was moderate.
Good luck.
Regards, Jani
Thanks for the info. I have sent the company an email about the books. I checked Ebay once with no luck. I will keep trying.
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