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New Collector-Help !

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I'm planning on buying my first Luger....advise please. Below info is provided regarding this weapon:

1. Four-inch, 9mm.
2. Year manufacture: 1937
3. Serial number: 1444
4. All parts of weapon marked: 44
5. Has two magazines that appear to be aluminum. These mags have 37
stamped on them.
6. Barrel has good rifling.
7. Waffenamt markings but, so small I couldn't see detail.
8. Top of received, near toggle marked: S42
9. Original holster with manufacturer's markings on it.

So, having told you the above what kind of weapon do I have here ? Is this a common, run-of-the-mill Luger ? A typical G.I. bring-back ?
I'm quite certain it's nothing out of the ordinary but, I guess I'm wondering how good of a first-time Lugar buy this pistol is.

Your opinions are very welcome. I need your help. Thank you.

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* Hi and welcome to the Forum.
* I see you discovered Jan Still's post today on the 1st Variation, S/42(Mauser), 1937 chamber dated Army Luger. This 1st variation, as you can see in Jan's pictures, has some small parts with straw color. Is yours similar or does it have all blue small parts(2nd var.)?
* The value of your new acquisition will be determined not only by its original matching numbers; but, to an equal degree on its original condition. Pictures would be pivotal in giving the members of this Forum a chance to evaluate this example's amount of original finish remaining.
* The magazines are for a later Luger as the E/37 side body code did not appear until early 1940 and later. What are the S/N's appearing on the magazines Al. base plugs?
* Does your Luger bear a small lower case script letter beneath the numeric portion of the S/N 1444?? This would appear on the frame's front vertical face ahead of the trigger guard and below the barrel. Do not be concerned if one does not appear as a "no suffix" block was used in the 2nd variation 1937 production.
* Would be of interest what the holster's maker/city/date is on this P.08's accessory. Did a small tool, which fits in the small pouch inside the bucket flap, also accompany the holster?? What might be the eagle/##'s appearing on each??
* The 1937 production is an interesting Luger as a number of physical and marking changes were occurring @ Mauser.
* Please respond so we can help pin down a few of these details. This will aid in placing a correct value range for your "rig".
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Hi Bob, thanks for your reply.

Well, unfortunately the weapon is not in my possession yet. So, I can't describe the firearm in detail.

I do know the weapon is blued. The holster has a small "take-down" tool inside it's own little pocket under the inside flap.I did notice the holster manufacturer was marked Koln (Cologne). There were also other markings but, I didn't pay much attention to them.

Anyhow....the weapons is located several hundred miles from me and I gave the owner abit of money to hold it. I wanted to do abit of research first which he said was fine with him.

It's odd, at the age of 50, how I've just developed this desire to possess Lugers. For years and years I've seen them here and there and although I recognized them as a gorgeous piece of history, I've just never thought of owning any. So, with that said looks like this will be my first Lugar but, not my last. What an interesting weapon and hobby.

I'll let you know the details once I've got the weapon in my possession.

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Hi Dan,

You have just contracted "Lugeritis" an interesting and EXPENSIVE disease for which there is no known cure.

Tom A.
Hi Tom....I think you're right !

Dan.. Welcome to the forum and indeed Lugeritis is a very catchy disease,my wife threatens to use whiteout on the favoured firearm magazine in the luger section, not to worry to much though untill you get Navy lugeritis which will make you shudder at your first purchase. all in all a very interesting hobby and gaining the knowledge is what this forum is all about. Buy the luger if it fits the budget you will not regret the decision if it is a nice one and ask seller about any known history he may have on firearm. I always find it an interesting piece of the lugers history and if it comes with a good story share it with us.
Okay guys....I brought it home today. Unfortunately the magazines are not matched. Photos will follow next week. Thanks for your help.

Dan, am not a Luger collector, but the Luger postings are a must read for me.
In addition to heeding the fine advice of the knowledgable Luger collectors in this forum, do go out and buy some books. Lugers are in the pricey end of pistol collecting. You should have a small research library. Maybe the Luger collectors on this forum can recommend some good books for you.
Pancho - http://www.panchogun.com/
PS. Here's a site for Still's books: - http://www.stillsbooks.com/
Here's some crappy pics of my 1937, S/42, Serial #: 1444 Luger. Sorry for the pic quality. I'll try to post some better ones soon.

Dan G.

Download Attachment: Luger 1.jpg

Download Attachment: Luger 3.jpg

Download Attachment: Luger 4.jpg

Download Attachment: Luger 5.jpg
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Can't be positive, however, it would appear from your pictures that your luger has been refinished. What is the serial number with suffix?
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