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Hi guys,
Yesterday I attended a gunshow where I managed to snag a very nice wartime CZ27 rig.Rather than being waffenamted the pistol is police marked with an eagle/K on the left triggerguard. The magazines have been handscribed to match the pistol. The holster lacks WaA's as well just a large Nazi eagle below the date.I've encountered many Heer marked CZ's but this is the first police pistol I've ever come across. Is the value any greater than a military accepted piece or on a par? Any info would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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May we have the year of the proof to add to the information currently available?

There are several sub-variations!


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If the gun is the same serial number that is on the magazines then it will not have a date stamp. This will be one of the military blue Eagle K series just prior to the fnh codes. Outstanding find! I have a Police holster very simular to this one.

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