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Just aquired this a few days ago. A 23** serial numbered 24. Finish is almost all gone, very light pitting under original grips, but no mag with it. I'm really impressed with the design as Ive never owned/shot a locked breech 380/9Kurtz before. Kinda overkill, but it doesnt recoil at all.
Thank god I saved it, because sometime, somehow, somebody replaced the mainspring with a custom home built job made out of rebar, that wouldnt budge the hammer at all. There was no way this thing would fire, & would have damaged it in the process.Totally stripped it down to ALL individual componates "amazing how much garbage can collect in the small space of an extractor spring housing!", straightened the safty spring, ect. All perfect now, just need a mag is all. Nicest thing is it hardly looks shot at all. No wear marks of any kind really, & bore looks new!
Definately all original milled parts. Only thing I cant repair is someone screwed up the right side grip screw by boring an oversized tread, so I cant use an original, unless someone has a good idea.
Another piece of history rescued!

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