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New guy Luger question: Tapered cases

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Hello everyone-
I'm posting this for a friend. He has just shot his 'new' 1918 DWM Luger, and has experienced tapering on the fired, ejected brass. The taper is .010 less in diameter on the first .150 of the case mouth. All other functions like chambering, firing, feeding, and extraction appear to be normal. There is/are no pitting, burrs, or marks in the chamber that appear to be anything but normal. Condition of the pistol itself is at least very good, inside and out. Have any idea what might be going on? Thank you!
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Three things

Not enough head space and toggle is forcing shell to deep into receiver.

Shells have excessive crimp at bullet from factory

Highly unlikely that a original barrel would be out of tolerence, however due your comment about your friends new luger do you mean new to him or new meaning that firearm has been redone with after market

barrel or parts and not manufactured correctly.

Take a look at the post above yours on the 1910 luger, this is the correct amount of head spacing. Notice that the extractor fits nicely into the machined end of the receiver, hard to give good advice about a firearm without seeing the gun but the picture of the old 1910 says it all.

What type/brand of ammo is your friend using? The front of a luger's chamber is slightly tighter than the rear, so all ejected luger brass show a 'rim' along the top end. It might just be a fact of having too spicy a load in a too thin walled brass case, causing the brass to deform just a bit to the rear and not at the front, where the chamber is tighter around the case.
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