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New guy question

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Hi I have been a reader here but this is my first post. I have long wanted an "artillery luger". Most of them that I have seen are in the $2000 and higher range. I recently have found one for $1200. The guy who has it is not a dealer. He is a collector who sets up at a show every now and then and sells duplicates to fund his collecting. I have dealt with heim before and I tend to trust him. The pistol in question is a 1917 DWM appeaars to be all matching. When he bought it it was not registered(here in MI all handguns need to be registered). He has registered it. While the pistol is not minty or even 90% it seems to be an honest70%-80%. Does that price seem to be realistic? Sorry for the long post but this is a very new area for me. Thanks!
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As you have observed, the online prices for LP-08s are very high, although they can be seen as low as about $1.7k. $1.2k is the ballpark in which I bought my two Artilleries two years ago.

You do not describe its condition as to pitting, any rust, amount of straw, condition of the grips and whether or not they match. If this pistol seems to suit your needs it may be, at least, a fair deal--you might go a long time before falling into a better one. Have you considered offering less, to guage the reaction?

LP-08s are really neat Lugers, and I wish you the best on this one. If you buy it, let us know how it comes out, post pictures if you can!

Dwight thanks for the input.

There was no rust on it, no pitting that I noticed. The bluing was dull but mostly present. I do not recall the amount of straw. The grips IIRC were good. I will call and ask if they match the gun.

I plan to get it. I am looking at another one this weekend that is a little more then I will decide which one. I most certainly will post pics.

Thanks Rich
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