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Hey guys...last night I picked up what I thought was a Modell 1934 (I don't know too much about these guns...at least until today)...but after doing some research here, I guess it actually is a Modell 1914.

It is s/n 83112, has the Crown over U behind the rear sight, and the C/script letter mark in front of the sight. No Imperial Eagle on the trigger guard. Right side of slide and frame are unmarked EXCEPT for a lightly stamped GERMANY.

So from doing some research here, I figure this (possibly) was a commercial production piece that was given over to the Imperial Army to fulfill its contract? Any idea on a manufacture date on this?

It was a bringback, it came with an unmarked black leather holster, with police style (sewn to body, pointing up, fastens to flap) strap, with a brass stud. Also came with the bringback papers...Its in about 95% condition, just some holster wear to the blueing...

I paid $350 for the rig...

I think I did ok pricewise, but would appreciate if someone can give me some history on it (production timeframe, use, etc.) and the story with the GERMANY stamp....
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