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First of all I want to say what an awesome site this is. I wish I would have found this site years ago. I'm still working on reading everything but there is alot to go through. In the mean time let me see what information you guys can give me on my Luger.

First the history of this pistol as it was told to me. I inherited this weapon from my grandfather, who inherited it from his father. Unfortunately both of them passed away before I knew it existed so the history of this weapon died with them, but my Grandmother told me what she knew of it.

Way back when, (and I don’t know if it was WW1 or WWII era, but I think it was WWI) my Great Grandfather was the head of security for American President Lines, which at the time were American luxury cruise ships, but during the war many privately owned sea craft were commandeered by the Military and converted to troop transports, medical ships etc. for the war effort. Sometime during this period, a defecting German soldier was discovered hiding on board and this weapon was confiscated from him. My Great Grandfather brought it home and threw it in a trunk where it supposedly sat until I discovered it about 15 years ago.

When I first discovered it in the trunk at the end of Grandmas bed, my Grandmother was shocked and said she didn’t even know it was in there. I pulled it out and immediately went to clear it and low and behold there was a full clip and a round in the chamber, which according to Grandma must have been in there since it was first confiscated because neither Great Grandpa or Grandpa were “into” guns and probably never shot it.

The pistol is in pretty poor condition. The finish is pretty eaten up wherever it was touching the leather holster, which by the way I kick myself in the arse everyday for not keeping, but I was young and dumb and I threw it away because it was in bad shape.. I know, I know. The barrel is pitted pretty bad but I have shot it before and it was amazingly accurate. Until finding this site, I just assumed I would never know the history behind this weapon, but it sounds as though you guys might be able to give me at least a little insight to it’s past.

The first thing that seems different about it is the caliber size. The original rounds in it were marked .39 Parabellum. I was able to locate a box of those rounds several years ago when I put a box through it, but I haven’t seen them lately.

The second thing is the finish. It’s not blue but rather appears to be stainless or chromed. I’m pretty sure nobody in my family had it refinished.

The markings are as follows:
The underside of the barrel has the crown with an N under it. Then the number “2687” and then the cursive “O“.
Below that on the frame is also “2687” with “GERMANY” under that with the “O” under that.
All other stamps on the various parts are all “87”
“DWM” is stamped on top.
I have not disassembled it, so as far as I can tell, those are the only markings.
The 2 clips do not have any markings at all.

Here are some pics. My camera won’t get any decent close ups so this is the best pics I can give.

Download Attachment: Image24.JPG

Download Attachment: Image25.JPG

Download Attachment: Image26.JPG

Download Attachment: Image27.JPG

Download Attachment: Image28.JPG

Download Attachment: Image29.JPG

Download Attachment: Image30.JPG

Download Attachment: Image31.JPG

Thank you for info you guys can provide.
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Dave welcome to the forum. At some point this was exported from Germany to the States i.e. the germany. More than likely it was traded to your dad/granddad and they tossed it into the box. Over 50-60 years, it is hard to remember where and when something was aquired.

Dave, the easy way to find out is to see if a 9mm bullet will fit in the end, the end the bullet comes out of. If the bullet fits, it is likely 9mm, if it doesn't it is 30 Luger (7.65 mm). But I bet it is 9mm. Take it to a good gunsmith and have it checked out.

A shooter luger is still worth $400-$550 like it is.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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