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Today I picked up an old friend. I sold this pistol in 1991 to finance another deal. When I got back into HSc's I thought frequently that I should never have sold it. Late last week I checked my local shop's website and admired an early production Eagle 655 HSc in great shape they had just acquired. When I looked at the serial it looked awfully familiar. I pulled my old file and sure enough it was the same gun. I traded into it today for for some items I bought cheap some time back plus a few dollars. Images are provided below.

I don't have $695 in it, but what do you guys think its worth?

Also, can anyone tell me when this pistol was produced?

Download Attachment: 736539 Lft Side.jpg

Download Attachment: 736539 Rt Side.jpg
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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