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Hello Everyone,
I had my eye on this set when it was listed on the Collectors Firearms site and jumped on it when they had thier annual 20% off sale. It's my first Vis35 and I couldn't be happier with it. It's all matching and has most of its beautiful original finish remaining. The grips even appear to be original.
It was sold with this holster which based on condition in the photos, I had assumed was a reproduction. I purchased the rig for the pistol alone, and at 20% off thier list price was a very fair price. Once home however, I began to research the holster and compare it to known originals.
I'm beginning to think this holster may be original but wanted to run it past the community.
The construction pattern of my holster is identical to those GAQ4 holsters being sold as original on the Pre98 & Lux Military; including the stitching & additional holes beneath the belt loops.
Is mine an original? Also curious what the estimated date of manufacture for my sn P4120 P35 would be. Thanks in advance!
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I believe the holster is original. The gun is about midway through the VIS production run for the Germans. I have not seen real hard dating information for the letter blocks but my somewhat educated guess would put a rough estimate on this one as later 1942 through early 1943. Given the condition that can not be bettered I would think this set to be very desirable.
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