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New P38

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Hi Gents
Pick up today from an old indochina War Vet this rig and I need your help !
the gun comes with an "bla 1944"(WaA159) holster but you can see than the two straps at the back have been changed.

The P38 is an AC44 serial number 3310 C on the frame, slide and o the barrel front
The serial number on the frame is following by an "h"
On the left side, there is one WaA (very hard to read the number) and an eagle with swatiska : on this eagle a small Star (approx 4 mm)

Two pieces look like to have been parkerized (the rest of the gun is 50% (slide stop and trigger bar)
For finish, there is a WaA135 on the barrel (at the rigt side)
So now, my questions !
-is it a post war (french rework ?)gun ?
-is it a FN slide ?

thanks for any comments

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The slide was made by FN.

Some good close up photos would be a great help!

The C block serial number on the slide would show it was numbered in early 1945. The star on the right side would indicate French proofing in the middle of 1945.

Is the H on the frame part of the serial number...or, is it 3110-C on the frame, too?

French production started with the G block...and H block gun would be the second block.

Most interesting!!

The gun seems to have been made up by the French about mid-year using an 'h' block frame. The barrel is not typical of the markings on the Nazi C block gun, either!

Obviously, the FN slide had been numbered to the 3110-c ...Is there a nazi proof mark under the French star? If so, then it was completely assembled before it was rejected for some reason

Thanks for the better photos!


1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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