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Hey guys, I just picked up a really nice bringback Radom this weekend...

It is a second model (no stock slot) in 98% condition, in a German brown leather Radom holster, with a spare mag, and the bring back papers.

The s/n is k1821, and it is marked with the P.35(p) mark under the slide legend, WaA at the end of the slide legend, one below it, one below that on the frame, and both mags are WaA.

Judging from the serial number what timeframe was this manufactured? I paid $600 for the package, did I do ok on it?

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Hi Mike,
* Sounds like a nice rig you found there. Was it found at the Vet's?
* Lot of unknowns about the accessory's condition; but, if commensurate with the pistol's 98% original finish and all matching #'s, you did real fine @ $600. An early '43 & capture papers are the icing on the deal.
* From the S/N given, I'd guess 2/1/43 give or take a couple of weeks. This variation, as you may know, is the most common VIS found with over 10,000 a month being manufactured at Radom in 1943. Finding a complete rig in 98% takes some patience; but, obviously, can be done.
* Congratulations. Love to see some pics of your latest acquisition.
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